Use Cases

Operations Meetings

Operations Meetings

Does your company track and manage business operations in a weekly Operations Meeting? If you run a Retail Operation, or a Manufacturing Unit, or a Construction Business, or manage large Logistics Business, I bet you have multiple such meetings. Maybe, in your company these meetings are known by different names like Managers Meeting or Status Meeting or Tracking Meeting or some other name. But, fundamentally, these meetings have very similar goals.

Onsite Store or Factory Visit

Onsite Store or Factory Visit

As part of your job many of you regularly visit the stores you manage, walk down the aisles, and take down Action Items. You could model these store visits as a meeting series and track the Action Items as part of the Meeting Series. But, sometimes the visits are probably not as regular. In these cases it might be difficult to find all the Action Items of a store visit later to track them.

Even when you manage the store visits as a Meeting Series, the ability to tag Action Items with multiple tags can help create easy groupings of Action Items to track.

Brainstorming Meetings

Strategic Planning

Allow each person to write down their ideas in private. This will ensure everybody’s voice is heard. This should also help increase the quantity of ideas.

Now pass on the ideas to the next person. Still the ideas are not yet fully public. At this stage everyone gets a chance to comment and improve upon someone else’s idea and also come up with new derivative ideas that are inspired by the original idea.

When each idea has made a full circle and gone through each person in private then open it up and have group discussion to combine ideas and discuss merit and feasibility of each idea.

Board Meetings

Board Meetings

Board meeting is a forum for members to discuss and debate strategic issues, steer the company in the right direction and ensure that everyone is on the same page. An ideal board meeting is one where your board members leave the meeting thinking that his/her presence made a difference.

Scheduling a board meeting is not just about making a list of all the attendees. It involves identifying the key people, finding a time that will work for all of them and then notifying them in prior. Though this sounds tough and getting everyone in the same room might sound challenging, using a scheduling tool will ensure regular and frequent meetings.


Meetings and Action Items Management

  • Schedule Meetings with team.
  • Plan meetings with Agenda and Track Preparations.
  • Run meetings with Real Time Shared Meeting Screen.
  • Share desktop applications.
  • Collaborate with Minutes, Conversations, Decisions.
  • Voice to Text conversion for seamless Minutes Taking
  • Assign and Track Action Items.
  • Create Internal Knowledge base with ASK.
  • Group and One-on-One Chat.
  • Automated Minutes of Meeting email generation.
  • Automated Daily Personalized Plan and Reports for the day.
  • Automated Monthly Reports on what went well and opportunities for improvement.
  • Integrations with Google Gsuite and Office 365.
  • Mobile Apps for Android and iOS.

Enterprise Customers


USD $9.99

per user per month paid annually

14 days free trial (No Credit Card Required).

Wizergos runs on the cloud

Runs in the Cloud

Wizergos works in the cloud. We take care of all upgrades and maintenance, while you access all the same data from all your devices.

Enterprise grade security

Your data is Secure

256-bit encryption for all data in transit on the internet. 256-bit encryption for all data at rest on storage devices. Strong Firewall in Datacenter. Audit logs.

Single Sign on. Enterprise grade identity management

Authentication and RBAC

Single Sign on support with MS AD, Azure AD, OKTA, Google Auth, SAML 2.0.

Role based access control for all data.

high return on investment

Return on Investments

Wizergos Solution Automates Management and Tracking. Frees up time for employees to focus on Revenue Generating Work.

Contact for a detailed ROI report.

How it Works

Hello, I am Peter, I am interested to know how Wizergos Meeting Management Works

What are the initial setups I need to do to start using Wizergos Meeting Management?

Hi Peter! I am Rekha. I would be glad to guide you through the Wizergos tool.

But, before I get to that, can you help me understand the problems you are trying to solve?

Yes. See, we have tried a multitude of tools to help make our meetings more streamlined and productive. We have used excel sheets to track Action Items. We have used Email for Minutes. We have also tried some project management tools for some meetings. We have also tried some note taking tools.

But, with all these disparate tools for different purposes its been a real challenge to keep all team members up to date and on the same page. We have also found it challenging to keep a sense of continuity in our ongoing recurring meetings.

I know the feeling! You have reached the right place.

So, to get started, the first thing you want to do and sign up and add your team members. Next, you should sync your calendar. Wizergos Supports calendar sync with O365 and GSuite.

Once, you sync your calendar all your existing meetings will be imported to Wizergos. Also all future meetings you create either in your native calendar or directly in Wizergos will be synced.

Sounds great! I do see that this sync calendar feature would help us get started real quick.

That's right!

Once you have these setup done, you are ready to run your meetings. When it's time for the meeting you will see a join button. When you click on that you will come to the shared meeting screen. On this page you can share and present any documents or share any other desktop application.

Additionally, you can write down Minutes, assign Action Items, record and vote on any decisions taken during the meeting.

That's really cool. I am assuming all these data will now be available on the tool to all meeting attendees. This will definitely help our meeting productivity.

I agree. But, there is more. For recurring meeting series, the tool will automatically generate last meeting minutes, action items to review, decisions to review as documents so that you can review and update them during the meeting.

Okay, I see what you have done here. In recurring meetings often tracking becomes hard and we end up rehashing same things over and over again. This will definitely help smoothen things up.

Glad that you like it. Additionally, we have added voice to text interface for Meeting Minutes, Decisions, comments in Action Items. This way you can just talk.

Okay. That's good. But, how is the accuracy?

That is a good question. See, we have done the UI/UX in a way that helps you correct the mistakes in voice to text. Multiple studies have shown that voice to text when used in tandem with smart suggestions and corrections using the mouse and keyboard is much faster and more accurate than typing.

Okay, I see what you have done. So as a user, I will get an option to see the text real time and it will highlight potential issues that I can go and fix using the keyboard and mouse. That would be useful.

At the end of each meeting, the tool will automatically generate a Minutes of Meeting email that will include all the Minutes, Decisions, Action Items added and updated during the Meeting.

Okay, so I guess you got a fair picture of how you would run meetings using Wizergos. Do you want to know more about how we can help you keep track of everything?

Sure. That would be nice.

So, there is a morning email that you will get daily with details of all you TODO list for the day and a list of items you care for. Similarly, there is an email at the end of each day detailing the list of activities during the day that you would be interested in.

Additionally, there are mobile notifications for important items during the day.

Okay, I see. That is useful. But, what about tracking related features I can use when I login to the tool directly.

Okay, I see what you are asking. Yes, we do have features like structured search for Action Items and Meetings. We also have a plain text search to find the items you are looking for. Additionally, we show various statistics on your Action Items queries to help you see how you and your team are doing and find opportunities for improvement.

I think I have heard enough. I am ready to give it a spin!

Sure! Click on one of the links below to get started.

And don't forget to send us your comments and suggestions.




Trent Hypermarket

Trent Hypermarket Private Limited (THPL) is a multi-brand retail chain. It is a joint venture between Tesco and Tata. THPL has been in business for 15 years and has more than 2500 employees.

When asked how Wizergos Meeting platform has benefitted THPL, Mr. Sanketh Koka, Regional Manager West Operations said, “...the user acceptance has been great. Users have understood that the product will make work simpler. Meeting management is automated and with each feature being utilized better, meeting management will move away from dependence on email and MS office tools.”

Some of the reasons THPL chose Wizergos over the competition are, “Simpler to use, holistic solution, and responsiveness on Mobile App”.


ARC Document Solutions

ARC Document Solutions, Inc. provides technology and services focused on document and information management for the architectural, engineering and construction industry with operations in more than 40 countries.

Like most big corporations, ARC Document Solutions managed and tracked projects, operations, and organization using regular meetings. Emails and spreadsheet were being used for communication. Exchange and Outlook were the calendaring tools of choice. Keeping everything and everybody up to date was becoming a difficult task.

In words of Himadri Majumdar, Head of India Operations at ARC Document Solutions, “We are using Wizergos as a central place to create and track meetings. Using Wizergos we are able to track action Items from meetings more effectively. One of the key benefits is the ability to view all meetings and meeting related information on a single platform. It helped make meetings more organized and streamlined.”

About the user experience Mr. Majumdar went on to say, “Overall user experience was very good and it was easy to learn and adopt and the workflow closely resembled what was already being followed.”


Doctor Circle

As the team at Doctors' Circle started growing, along came the growth pains. Number of hours of internal meetings increased and the need for getting more organized . Satish K Cheekala, CEO of Doctors' Circle, said "long meetings, stretched beyond the expected timelines, became a common occurrence." The Doctors' Circle team moved to using Wizergos Meeting and Action Item Management tool to help streamline their internal process. In a few months they started seeing positive results. In words of Mr. Cheekala, "Meetings became shorter and effective. Tracking of action items became easy. Minutes and decisions recorded in the tool helps keep the team on the same page."

Doctors' Circle started with a mission to be everyone's “Google of Health”, The Best Answer for Every Health Query. The platform lets users anonymously ask a medical query using voice/text. A semi-automated deep learning system looks into the existing pool of videos and provides the answer(s) to the user within few hours. This service is absolutely FREE for all users. Find out more about Doctors' Circle at



Yellowchalk is a growing team of designers. They needed a platform to manage their design meetings and collaborate and track.

In the words of Rajiv Kakati, CEO of Yellowchalk, “We are team of 10 UI/UX, Graphic Designers who work multiple ongoing projects. With the increase in the number of projects we realized that we required a solution to keep track of our meeting discussions as most of our work involves a lot of brainstorming. We were helping Wizergos with the UI/UX of their product which turned out to be exactly what we needed. It has helped us to be more productive, from tracking action items, consolidating minutes of the meeting, assigning tasks and most importantly saving a lot of time.”

Yellowchalk is a Bangalore based UI UX Design Studio specialising in User Interface and User Experience for Web & Mobile Platforms. They have helped design products in the B2C, B2B, E2E, E-Commerce, IoT, Healthcare , Fintech, Consumer Transaction and Aviation Domain.