How to Run Operations Meetings

Operations Meeting Management

Does your company track and manage business operations in a weekly Operations Meeting? If you run a Retail Operation, or a Manufacturing Unit, or a Construction Business, or manage large Logistics Business, I bet you have multiple such meetings. Maybe, in your company these meetings are known by different names like Managers Meeting or Status Meeting or Tracking Meeting or some other name. But, fundamentally, these meetings have very similar goals.

A Bain and Company Study shows how one such weekly Operations Meeting accounted for 300,000 person-hours spent per year in meetings. Surprised? Don’t be. A lot of meeting time is often spent on information gathering and sharing.

So what can you do? Focus on these two aspects first:

  • Create an overall process that works for you and your team.
  • Automate: make sure you and your team can focus on the real business; while the repetitive parts of the work is automated with use of modern technology.

Below is a discussion on various aspects of a meeting and how using Wizergos your team can excel at them.

Clarity on Agenda

In ongoing operations meetings think of Agenda in three different categories:

  • There should be some Strategic Goals which can be added as Meeting Series Agenda. These should remain part of the series and repeat in each meeting till these goals are achieved.
  • There should be provision (time allotted) for some Tactical Agenda that may come up in each instance of the Meeting. Think of these as Meeting Instance Agenda. Additionally, make sure to have a process for all attendees to request for an Agenda in a meeting.
  • There could be some Process Related Agenda items that one should make sure is added in all meetings. These ideally should be related to how each meeting is started and how they are ended. As an example, one could setup templated agenda such that all meetings start with a review of the last meeting’s minutes, or with celebrations of recent success. Similarly, one could setup templated agenda such that all meetings end with a review and summarization of all decisions made in the meeting.

The Wizergos Meeting and Action Item management tool makes Agenda management like described above super easy.

Summarize discussions

It is important to summarize discussions in a meeting. This is a great way to keep everyone on the same page. Also for recurring meetings, a quick review of the previous meeting discussions can go a long way in maintaining continuity.

Sometimes it might feel like a distraction for the flow of the meeting to stop and write down the summary. Wizergos Speech Recognition feature for minutes make this easy and merge seamlessly in the flow of the meeting.

Write down and Track Decisions

In Operations Meetings, often key decisions are made. It is very important to write these decisions down, and let key stakeholders state any difference of opinion. It is equally important to review and follow through on these decisions in future meetings till these decisions are implemented.

The Decisions feature in Wizergos helps companies to manage and track their decisions.

Assign and Track Action Items

There is an overarching pattern in which efficient Operations Teams manage and execute work.

  • They plan their work in Meetings.
  • Then they go out and execute.
  • Then they come back review their work and plan for more work.

Wizergos Action Item Management, with smart reporting and notifications, makes tracking and managing teamwork frictionless. No need to run after team members to find status. Get summary status of all work delivered to your inbox daily. Get automatically created review documents in meetings to do a team review of all work.


  • Wizergos automates the Meeting Minutes generation and distribution.
  • Voice to text automation (Speech Recognition) in Wizergos, reduces the need for typing and meetings and improves the flow and efficiency of Meetings.
  • Automated delivery of daily morning TODO list and daily evening reports help teams stay up to date with team members.
  • Automated generation of previous meeting minutes and Action Items to review and Decisions to review in meetings helps with meeting effectiveness and operational efficiency.