Secure, User friendly, Enterprise Grade Team Communication

Team Communication

Is your team using consumer products like WhatsApp for official communication? There are many issues if you let this happen. Take control of the situation and provide your team with a safe, secure, smart, user friendly and yet affordable solution.

If WhatsApp is applied for business purposes, in the app there will be a mix of private and enterprise chats. While this is far from optimal from a productivity point of view, this is as well critical from a security point of view. The mix of private and business communication enables plain security breaches and direct theft of corporate data. Users can simply copy and paste or forward sensitive corporate data to people from outside the organization, without your enterprise noticing. The usage of WhatsApp makes it impossible to protect any confidential business information and intellectual property.

Besides the access to a WhatsApp account of an employee cannot be blocked by an IT administrator. In the standard case where an employee leaves the enterprise, this user could still access all business information in chats in WhatsApp, and actually continue to participate in the exchange of confidential information with former colleagues and teams.

And then, Companies have secrets they want to keep, because of regulatory issues, SEBI requirements, or patient confidentiality in the case HIPAA of healthcare.

But you don't want to miss out on the efficiency and simplicity of collaboration using messaging. But you want to have enterprise requirements like authentication and compliance, single sign on to OKTA, Azure AD or similar other providers, control and ownership of data.