List of Sample Chatbots built using the Wizergos Chatbot Platform

Wizergos Provides a Chatbot and Livechat platform. The platform can be used to build and train enterprise grade chatbots that uses advanced AI and NLP technologies to understand user's intent and also easy to integrate with existing Information System to add useful skills to the chatbot. If the chatbot fails to carry our certian activities it can seamlessly handover the sessions to live agents and learn from the interactions of the live agents. These samples only showcase the Chatbot functionality. If you want to find more information or need an account to understand the platform better send an email to

BOT for Wizergos Meeting Management Software page

They say eat your own dog food! In the Wizergos Meeting Management Product page we have implemented a chatbot that can answer questions about the Meeting Management product. Needless to say this is built using the Wizergos Chatbot Platform.

Hospital Triage and Appointment Scheduling BOT

When patients visit a hospital, they would like to talk to an expert about the health issues they are facing and find the right doctor to visit. This is a small sample chatbot that can ask specific questions to do an initial diagnosis to help the patient choose the right doctor to visit.

Wikipedia based Knowledge BOT

Often a large part of a BOTs function is to provide the information one is looking for. While the BOT can be trained with much of this knowledge, it would also be useful if the BOT can be integrated with another relavant knowledge source where it can search and find relevant answers. In this sample the BOT has not been trained with any knowledge, but can search for information in Wikipedia.

Miltilingual BOT

Many businesses cater to customers who speak different languages. In these cases the chatbot should be trained to converse in all these languages. This sample chatbot showcases a chatbot that can speak English, Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, and Kannada.

Utility Company Demo BOT

Utility companies need to provide timely and upto date information regarding many issues citizens might be facing. Often during times of crisis or power shortage the support staff is overwhelmed with calls. A chatbot integrated with Internal Information Systems of the utility company can easily handle most issues increasing customer satisfaction and reducing employee stress at the same time.