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Functionality of this chatbot

IT support BOT is a chatbot solution that IT teams can deploy within an enterprise on intranet service portals and internal mobile APPs used by employees. The goal of these chatbots is to provide an easy self-service conversational user interface for employees to resolve their IT issues. The BOT can provide 3 class of services:

  • For certain issues the BOT can be programmed in to Automatically Resolve the issue without any user intervention.
  • For certain issues, the BOT can provide the required Steps and Guidelines that the user can follow to resolve their IT issues themselves.
  • For certain issues, the BOT can Open a Ticket for IT Support Team to act on. In these cases, the solution can also provide a live chat option between the employee and the IT Support Team.

The key features of the Wizergos solution used for this solution

  • NLP and Voice technologies to get user input in text or voice and map it to a problem the BOT can solve.
  • Ability to integrate with any IT service using REST or SOAP protocols without having to write or maintain any code.
  • Ability to add custom skills for the BOT.
  • Ability to define and execute a complex series of steps to automate tasks without having to write or maintain any code.
  • A prebuilt corpus of typical IT support skills that can be easily imported.
  • Ability to provide context specific help and suggestions to users.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce load on IT team so that they can focus on higher-value jobs.
  • Provides consistent and always ON support to employees.
  • An adaptable solution to keep adding and updating skills of the chatbot in response to changing support needs of employees and updates in IT infrastructure.
  • Better quality support issues are opened with all the right information asked and collected by the BOT.
  • Users are more comfortable with chat-based interfaces in today's world.
  • It allows for the same solution to be deployed easily on multiple platforms like websites, mobile APPs, and some enterprise chat solutions.

High Level Architecture

Live chat with IT Supoprt Agents

For this ChatBot Live Chat has been disabled

However, the Wizergos Platform provides a hybrid BOT + Livechat solution. So, if the BOT is not able to answer a particular question it can seamlessly handover the chat session to a IT support agent. In addition to text messages live agents can also use voice, video, and screen share options to interact with the users.

Note: Wizergos chatbot learns from its failures and interactions of the Agents with users.

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