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Note: This is a sample chatbot. If you are looking for a job, this is the wrong place. If you are interested in joining Wizergos, please visit our careers page.

Functionality of this chatbot

This chatbot is trained to do an intial diagnosis of your health issues and schedule an appointment with a doctor with the appropriate specialization. You can either answer the questions the chabot will ask you or mention the specific health problem you are facing.

How to break the ice and start a conversation

Typically, for most chatbots, when users come to chat they know exactly what they want to do or ask. This is because the business are for a specific purpose. Often the chatbots can be on the specific page like support page. However, this is a sample chatbot to showcase certian features of the Wizergos Chatbot platform. So, here we are listing what, as an end user, you can do with this chatbot.

  • In this case the chatbot will start by asking you specific health questions that you can answer for an initial diagnosis followed by appointment scheduling with doctor.
  • Alternately, you can ignore the question asked by the chatbot and jump directly into the health issue you are facing. In this case too, the chatbot will try to diagnose your problem followed by appointment scheduling with doctor.

Features of the Wizergos Platform it highlights

  • Integration with External Information System: In this case the chatbot has been integrated with an external health diagnosis software. Setting up this integration is super easy. Anyone with basic understanding of REST APIs can set up the integration using simple GUI based interface of the Wizergos Platform. Note, no coding is required to set up and use this integration.
  • Training: The training of this chatbot can be done by any healthcare specialist with no knowledge of computer science. Once the Integrations are setup by an IT specialist, the chatbot can be easily trained by a domain expert, in this case a healthcare specialist. The healthcare specialist will not need to worry about the nitty-gritty details of the integration.
  • Structured and Unstructured Interactions: Users can interact with the chatbot using structured forms and clicks (in some cases) or typing in unstructured text data.
  • Apointment Scheduling: Appointment scheduling is an in-built feature of the Wizergos Chatbot Platform. The appointment scheduling feature is also smart to pick the right person based on specialization, availability constraints, and customizable timeslots as is used here. Additionally, one can also train it to pick the person based on location.
  • Voice based Chatbot: Users can interact with the Wizergos Chatbot either by typing in their requests and responses or by speaking; and also get the responses back from the BOT in voice.

Live chat with Health Agents

The Wizergos Platform provides a hybrid BOT + Livechat solution. So, if the BOT is not able to answer a particular question it can seamlessly handover the chat session to a live health agent. This is a sample chatbot and for this we don't have live agents to take care of your requests. In addition to text messages health agents can also use voice, video, and screen share options to interact with the users.

Note: Wizergos chatbot learns from its failures and interactions of the Agents with users.

Few other things a Hospital Chatbot could do

  • Lab Reports and Health information: Hospitals can integrate chatbot with internal Information Systems and allow patients to collect lab reports, download or review past health information including visits, prescriptions.
  • Online Consultation: Hospitals could support online consultation with doctors for new patients or existing patients. This can be very useful for new patients before they visit the hospital, or for patients seeking second opinion.
  • General Information: The chatbot can be trained to support general queries like location, timings, doctors available, services provided, general health information like spread of infectious diseases in the area.
  • Sensitive Issues: Some health issues are stigmatized in different cultures. In these cases patients might suffer more due to lack of accurate information to take care of themselves. Health institutions can provide trained Chatbot as a service to the patients in their community to alleviate these problems.
  • Personalized Care Suggestions: Chatbot can be used to provide personalized health services that is most suitable for the specific patient. This helps the patient get the best healthcare options available that is most suitable for them based on their past health history.