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Pioneering Futuristic Application Development 

Image by Fotis Fotopoulos

Introducing Low-Code

Organizations are faced with a plethora of evolving business priorities and challenges. Some of these include the race towards digital transformation and crafting new solutions to tackle customer demand, investing in capabilities to engage customers better, reduce technical debt, and modernize legacy applications. More often, organizations are pressurized to march ahead against limited developer resources and budgetary constraints. 

Low-Code allows enterprises to develop a variety of applications quickly, customize existing applications, automate and integrate processes, and modernize legacy applications. 

Wizergos Low-Code Platform Overview

Platform Core Capabilities

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Conversational User Interface (CUI) and NLP

  • Use the CUI module to build a natural clutter-free user interface for your applications​

  • Enable seamless access from the popular chat platforms (WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Twitter, MS Teams, Slack, Voice).

  • Power applications in-built NLP technologies


User Authentication

  • Wizergos Platform allows you to setup user authentication and role-based access control for your application with just a few clicks on a button.


Visual Development: Drag and Drop Workflows

  • Build the custom business logic for your Applications Rapidly using the Wizergos Console

Mobile Apps.jpg

Web & Mobile Apps

  • Build your Applications as Web Apps or Mobile Apps or Conversational



  • Integrate with any standard or in-house custom Applications or Data Sources and use the integrations within the custom Workflows

Developer Support


Secure & Collaborative Dev Framework

  • Enable your developers to engage in safe and collaborative work to craft applications or work on workflows

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CI/CD Pipeline

  • Wizergos Platform allows you to setup a development application, an UAT application, a production Application and automatically sync all configurations and integrations and business logic in order to setup a CI/CD pipeline.

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Test Automation

  • Wizergos Platform allows you to configure automated test cases including converting manual tests to automated test cases. These automated test cases can be made part of the CI/CD pipeline.


Flexible Deployment Options

  • Deploy your applications either on Wizergos Cloud or your Private Cloud or your On-Premise Datacenter to meet your specific security and data and application governance requirements

Image by Mathew Schwartz

Advanced Capabilities

Custom Data Analysis

  • Development of applications for carrying out data analysis (descriptive and rule based predictive) based on client data

  • Incorporation, usage, and analysis of third-party data feasible

Reporting & Dashboards

  • Embedded and custom reporting capabilities for KPIs of various applications

  • Development of dashboards for exceptions reporting

AI/ML Capabilities

  • Build, test, and deploy custom AI models for several use cases

  • Low-code based model development and training

  • Multi-modal deployment model (on-premise/cloud)

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