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Harnessing FinTech in India- 10 Application Areas: Balaji T.K. (CTO - Inditrade Scalerator)

FinTech currently garners a lion's share of total startup funding, globally and in India. This Wiser Talk brings you a sneak peek into ten interesting BFSI areas in which FinTech is being leveraged in India.

Balaji TK (CTO - Inditrade Scalerator Limited) is an acknowledged Fintech expert and was the CIO of a new age Retail Finance company at the time of this conversation. He speaks on the ascendancy of FinTech in India, and gives us insights on how FinTech has emerged a dominant enabler in the BFSI sector.

  • What are the top 10 most exciting application areas of FinTech in India that are drawing maximum attention and activity?

  • What are the risk mitigation processes that seek to attract user trust in Fintech?

  • How is FinTech regulated and what role does the Govt play in it?


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