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Microfinance goes Digital: Joby C.O. (Ex-CEO of DVARA KGFS)

The Wiser Talk: Conversation with Joby C.O.- Ex-CEO of DVARA KGFS

Session: How critical is Microfinance for Rural India?

Avinanda Ghosh (from Wizergos) is in conversation with Joby CO, Ex-CEO of DVARA KGFS, better known for his profile as an eminent Microfinance specialist.

Joby reminisces his journey into the domain of Microfinance; his transition from a CA to a Microfinance expert.

His anecdotes give us a broader view of the industry that has its roots in rural India.

What is the significance of Microfinance in the rural space?

Is Microfinance the rural version of the traditional banking system?


Session: How critical is Microfinance for Rural India?

Joby cites the supply chain issues involved within the agriculture sector and the problems farmers face financially to sustain their livelihoods before the harvest is finally sold. The complexities and nuances, he says, are far more complex than the rural microfinance loan model.

Simplifying these nuances was the thought behind his start-up venture, which works towards solving these issues, concerning agricultural finance through a tech platform.

The platform further bridges the gap between the farmer community and other tech start-ups so that proper digitization can happen within the rural microfinance and overall agricultural sector.


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