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The Past, Present, and Future of Agri Loans in India: Prabhu P (Sr VP- Business, Samunnati)

The Wiser Talk: Conversation with Prabhu P- Sr VP (Business) at Samunnati

Part 1: Dissection of the Agri Loan Ecosystem in India: Processes and Challenges

Agriculture is the primary industry of India, with more than 50% of the population deriving their livelihood from the same. In FY 2020-21 its contribution to the country’s GDP surpassed 20%. This agriculture sector is supported by short-term agricultural credit, which is the chief facilitator to ensure the sustenance and growth of this sector.

In this session, Avinanda Ghosh from Wizergos discusses the Past, Present, and Future of Agri Loan with Prabhu P., Senior Vice-President at Samunnati Financial Intermediation and Services Pvt Ltd. Prabhu is a stalwart in the domain of Agri finance with first-hand experience in handling the intricacies of agricultural credit.

In this conversation, you will get a magnified view of the core processes within the Agri loan sector and the challenges related to it.


Part 2: Dominance of Traditional Credit Institutions in Agri Lending

The session continues with Avinanda and Prabhu pondering over the evolution of the rural agricultural credit scenario over the decades, and its impact on the farmers of India.

Hear Prabhu explain why only 30% of the farmers in India resort to traditional credit institutions like banks to acquire agricultural funding?

How are Samunnati and similar organizations across India helping the farmers through the facilitation of agri loans?


Part 3: Technology Intervention in Agri Credit

In this final part, Prabhu highlights the umpteenth opportunities and possibilities of development that the tech companies and the digitization trend are bringing into the Agri sector.

Gather insight on how tech companies are developing solutions for farmers and the other stakeholders within the Agri and credit domains!

  • What part is being played by the NBFCs and other financial institutions in this revolution?

  • How is technology simplifying the legacy process of loan application and approval for the farmers?

  • Get your queries answered along with an outlook of Samunnati’s contribution to all of it, creating value for the Agri stakeholders.


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