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Insurance Industry in India- Promise & Challenges: Joydeep Roy, CEO- Saferisk Insurance Brokers

“The Wiser Talk” series with industry leaders and opinion makers. The host is Avinanda Ghosh, Low-Code Evangelist and Advisor to Wizergos.

Avinanda engages with Joydeep Roy, who is a veteran of 30+ years in the insurance domain traversing across the public sector to the private sector and further into the international arena. He has held leadership roles at several leading insurance firms including IFFCO Tokio Insurance Services, India (CEO) and Reliance Insurance Co., Tanzania (COO).

Here, Joydeep shares his perspective on the following:

  • How can the concept of insurance be demystified for the masses?

  • What are the top opportunities for the insurance industry in the near to mid-term future? What are the new-age challenges facing the insurance industry en route its rapid transformation?

  • How can we overcome these roadblocks in the path to our future?


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